Political Communications & Platforms

poli2Political Communications & Platforms

Redfire Technologies truly understands the political communications market. It is well-known in politics that all elections are local, but in the 21st Century Age of Information, it is a now a fact that winning elections and persuading voters have become increasingly personal. Our society is constantly bombarded with television, radio, print, mobile telecom, social media, and Internet advertising which have overwhelmed our senses with the amount and variety of political messages, opinions, and 24 hour news. 

While all of these marketing channels can be effective in branding candidates and causes, it has become apparent in the last decade that database driven interactive communications and analytics can change the course of elections and public opinion. These interactive communications and analytics include:

  • Voice Communications
  • Text Notifications
  • Marketing AutomationTele-town hall conferencing
  • Social Media
  • Electronic Polling
  • Database & Tracking Analytics

Time is of the essence. Political based organizations must act quickly in real-time to deliver the right message as quickly as possible. Therefore, by working with Redfire Technologies you will be partnering with not just one company but many companies that focus on targeted audiences and multi-faceted ways of delivering your message.

Want to influence voters with pin-point accuracy and cost-effectiveness while building volunteer organizations, raising money, and win elections? Redfire Technologies can help you stay on the right path the first time around.

Redfire Technologies provides marketing solutions for political and not-for-profit organization to quickly reach a mass audience through Voice, SMS Text, Conferencing, and E-mail messaging. We have put together a world-class portfolio of telecommunications and Cloud software solutions that can deliver up to 40 million outbound calls a day or conference hundreds of thousands of people with live multi-media Tele-town halls. 

We work with elected officials, political campaigns, political action committees, associations, grass roots issue advocates at the federal, state, and local levels to develop high-gain personal communications to reach voters, cut through the noise on crowded airwaves, and connect one on one with the public. 

Key Political Applications 

  • Interactive Fundraising
  • Interactive Get-Out-The-Vote
  • Interactive Polling (Voice &Text)
  • Interactive Surveys
  • Interactive Tele-Town Halls (Political Tele-Conferences)
  • Voice and SMS Broadcasting
  • Cloud Contact Center & Live Agent Support 

Outbound Campaigns

  • Outbound Proactive IVR – Cloud Contact Center
  • Dialer Application: Log-in and upload your lists.
  • Script Upload and Support.
  • Unlimited Capacity and Scalability
  • Real-Time Analytics
  • Predicted Dialing with CTI/CRM Integration
  • GOTV (Get Out The Vote)
  • Live Agent Transfers 

Inbound Campaigns

  • Inbound IVR – Cloud Contact Center
  • Call Routing, Tracking & Analytics
  • Agent/Seat Management
  • Survey & Polling
  • Fundraising Live Agent Transfers
  • Voice and SMS Text Channels
  • Voice-Based Marketing Automation Platform

Live Interactive Events

  • Patented Services delivered by leading vendors.
  • Live –Interactive Mass Conferencing Events Reaching Thousands
  • Audio & Video Web-Casting
  • Web-based Interface
  • Technical Services & Event Coordination & Management
  • Integration with Social Media, Skype, Text & voice Mail
  • Detailed Reports and Statistics

Purpose-Built Political & Non-Profit Telecommunications

  • Representing High Quality Tier 1 Communications Carriers
  • Wholesale Pricing for Enterprise Quality Voice and SMS Services
  • Save up to 40% on Voice Communications Costs
  • SIP Trunking for Rapid Deployments
  • Month to Month, No Revenue Commitment Contracts
  • US Predictive, Progressive, and Preview Dialer Outbound Applications
  • US Toll-Free, DID, and webRTC Services

Technology and Financial Advantages

  • IT Support
  • Security and Compliance (HIPPA, PCI, SOX, etc.)
  • BDR - Back-up Disaster Recovery
  • Accurate Reporting and Metrics
  • 24 Hour a day Enterprise Caliber Customer Service
  • Training & Web Tools
  • Average Cost Savings of 40%

Redfire Technologies will help you design, implement, and manage a technically superior and cost-effective solution to deliver the most advance interactive and personal voice, text, email, marketing automation, and Tele-town hall conferencing services for you political and non-profit customers. 

Please call us today at +1 (678) 778-5348 for a professional and technical evaluation of your communications and messaging requirements.