mobility1We live in an ever-changing world where technology is constantly evolving. The ‘mobility’ or ‘wireless cellular’ market is dynamic and extremely competitive. For most IT decision makers, it is very confusing on what distinguishes one mobile solution from another. Therefore, GWTS has partnered with world-class leading mobile solutions providers to solve any type of domestic or global mobile requirement. With GWTS, there is no confusion.

GWTS makes it simple for you and your team to manage your account 24/7 – 365 days a year. This includes an award winning management solution that provides oversight on all devices, usage, and reporting. In addition, many of our solutions can easily be integrated into existing global networks.


  • Choose your preferred ‘Tier-1’ mobile provider without cumbersome agreements and restrictions.
  • Coverage-Based & Blended Plans Across AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint.
  • Reduce Risk by Consolidating Billing and Agreements across Existing Providers.
  • Cross-Carrier Sharing: ‘Pool’ or ‘Share’ Minutes, Data across all employees on all 3 leading Tier-1 providers.
  • FREE ‘mobile’ to any ‘mobile’ calling with automated usage alerts.
  • Airwatch: The leading global mobile operator (cellular voice and data) Management Portal that allows you to maintain control of all costs, accounts, devices, and services.
  • Global Roaming: The world’s leading Global Roaming Solution where your company can obtain SIM cards or overlay SIM card for traveling from country to country without the high roaming expense.


  • An Incredible Savings of 30% to 50% on virtually every account including voice, data and SMS texting.
  • Immediate Positive Financial Impact with Cost Reduction on all Mobile Services.
  • Customize pricing plans for voice, data and SMS texting across all available mobile providers.
  • Substantially reduce all Global Roaming Costs for international travelers.
  • Increase your tax savings given mobility services carry 21%+ per month in taxes on billing.
  • Eliminate all excess overage and usage charges with accurate billing.


  • Top 3 Tier-1 US Domestic Mobile Operators and Associated Solutions.
  • Included Mobile Device Management: Full management portal to control all configurations.
  • Customize Technical Solution for network integration and security.
  • Easy-To-Roam SIM Card replacement and SIM Card overlays.
  • SMS Solutions: P2P, A2P, and global management.


GWTS mobility solutions were designed for companies that require the best-in-class and most cost effective technical and secured solution in the market. We make it easy for yu to deploy. Secure, manage and protect your devices.


  • Encrypt e-mail communication
  • Restrict access to unwanted websites
  • Prevent downloading of unrelated applications

Device Recovery

  • Encrypt e-mail communication
  • Restrict access to unwanted websites
  • Prevent downloading of unrelated applications

Reporting & Data Recovery

  • Extensive reporting suite for faster device activations
  • Full integration with clients AP systems
  • Customized coding by client-defined variables

Application Efficiency

  • Control and distribute applications wirelessly
  • License and share across multiple OS’s and devices
  • Configure and activate new devices over the air


GWTS’s global mobility solution allows you control your account and services from the top down. Do not second guess your mobility capabilities and high monthly expenses again. Please allow us to review your existing accounts and provide a bottom-line, financially acceptable and superior technical solution.