(MDU) Multi-Dwelling Units


GWTS understands that your property is a very important income-producing asset. We also understand that today’s multifamily residents - homeowners, renter, senior citizens, and hotel guests - require modern technology amenities to ensure a positive living and hospitality experience. 

Therefore, we are here to help you meet the needs of your customers by obtaining the best-in-class ‘Triple Play’ and wireless solutions for your property. Your bottom line will significantly increase by deploying the right technology the first time around including HDTV, ‘Extreme’ High Speed Internet, Phone service, and business class ‘WiFi’ solutions based on secured fiber optic technology.


Multi-Dwelling Unit or Multi-family properties vary in size and function. In order to ensure the proper telecommunications or IT solution is implemented, GWTS will leverage its technology relationships to bring in the right vendors to solve all infrastructure and telecom requirements. 

Each property or asset will require a different solution based on the best-in-class network elements available in today’s market. Prepare for tomorrow’s technology today and allow our technical engineers to design and implement a revenue generating, cost saving and technically superior solution.


There are many reasons why developers around the country are looking to GWTS to ensure that the right technology is deployed to enhance their product offerings. It is not just about price and major savings, but leveraging technology to reduce upfront installation and long term costs for the developer and the end user. 

By not installing the right infrastructure upfront, many residents will become frustrated and migrate to the competition. We can help avoid costly technology mistakes at every stage by bringing in our team and the right vendors to consult free of charge on any telecommunications requirements. 


  • GWTS has a portfolio of MDU solutions available in order to service the vast array of developers and owners in the market. Here are just a few the advantages that our vendors offer in the MDU market:
  • 100% Tier-1 Fiber Optic based solutions
  • Create a true ‘Smart Building’ environment for marketing purposes
  • No upfront infrastructure, hardware, or WiFi (wireless) costs
  • No time intensive and expensive integration and deployment issues

Resident & Tenant Advantages

  • Fastest Internet Speeds available in the market at lower costs
  • Low Cost Cable and Satellite HDTV Options
  • All Inclusive Phone Service Options (domestic and international)
  • Option to Create a ‘Free’ WiFi Environment for Residents
  • Customized Bulk and Individual Solutions with Major Savings


  • Multi-location Developers & Owners
  • Multi-family Residential Apartments
  • Assisted Living Facilities (ALFs)
  • Hotels and Hospitality Properties
  • Home Owners Associations
  • Property Management Companies

Did you know that GWTS will obtain for your company a stronger ROI that includes a higher residual monthly commission and door fee than any other consulting company

Did you know that GWTS will significantly increase your internet bandwidth capacity at your property using the exact same Tier-1 service providers you utilize today while lowering costs?

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