education1GWTS understands that K-12 and higher education organizations require ‘Enterprise Class’ voice, data and ‘Wi-Fi’ to support the needs of their employees and students. Through our direct business partner relationships, GWTS can obtain any leading K-12 telecommunications, service provider or cable company, Wi-Fi or infrastructure vendor in the market at very deep discounts.

We have put together a comprehensive set of solutions that allow you to customize your network and obtain exactly what you are looking for regardless of the requirement. We specialize in E-Rate solutions and can provide the following:


Voice & Data Solutions

  • Choose your preferred ‘Tier-1’ voice and data vendor for all school locations at major savings
  • No upfront expenses (CapEx) to obtain leading phone systems or hosted solutions
  • No onsite PBX to manage
  • Most ‘leased’ plans allow for full ownership of equipment after 3 years
  • Multiple vendors for on-premise or hosted solutions
  • Tier-1 Direct Fiber Optic Solutions, MPLS, and Internet services
  • Average Savings is 40% to 50% month over traditional on-premise solutions
  • E-Rate Friendly Solutions

Technical Advantages

  • All PBX Features Available: including 3-way calling, voicemail, and conference calling across your internal network.
  • Secured services with E911, Notifications, etc.
  • Messaging, Intercom integration, and reporting
  • Redundant Cloud-based Back-up Disaster & Recovery (BDR)
  • National Fiber to the Premise Backed Solution
  • Firewalls, QoS, and network managed services


education111GWTS’s WiFi solutions for schools provide the ability to pick and choose the best-in-class vendor for your objectives. We work with the Top 5 leading WiFi providers that allow you to have a choice in solutions.

Along with our national installation partners, GWTS ensures that any new project proceeds in the right direction. Specific requirements are addressed that lead to a successful game plan each and every time. This includes heat mapping of the properties, design, implementation and post installation management.

The GWTS team and our vendors are here for you and can 100% ensure that your WiFi network will exceed your need for speed and coverage.


  • Customize Network Design to Maximize Penetration and Costs
  • Estimated 30% savings on wireless access points
  • Increased signal penetration
  • Multi-location and High Volume Installations
  • Heat Mapping with Reporting
  • Cloud-based Controllers


IT managers and professionals are tasked to ensure the integrity and security of their network. GWTS understands the need for Next-Generation Firewalls (NGFWs) that address the specific needs of the K-12 market. 

Most legacy firewalls cannot meet the minimum requirements of today’s classroom and business operations environments. GWTS can help secure your network by working with your IT team to procure the best solution for your requirements.

Next-Generation Firewall Advantages

  • Comprehensive solution for all requirements
  • Network Security and Content Management and Control
  • Bandwidth Optimization
  • Visibility into all Applications
  • All Major Global Vendors


GWTS can help your organization design and execute an RFP right the first time around. Too many technology companies charge clients outrageous amounts to put together an RFP or RFI. In most cases, GWTS can do this for free and even recommend changes in the actual design.

Please allow GWTS to review your strategic initiatives and recommend the best course of action to maximize your bottom line and increase your technical capabilities.

Please call GWTS at (407) 850-5901 to speak with an assigned Education and E-Rate specialist.